3Our name tells a story of a father and son’s passion for the Chinese culture, and a son’s tribute to his father.

Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) was founded in 2004 by Mr Chou Cheng Ngok, Group CEO of POPULAR Holdings, with the aim of promoting Chinese culture and language in Singapore.

Mr Chou Sing Chu, Pioneer of Book Industry

Mr Chou Sing Chu (1905 – 1986) was the late father of Mr Chou Cheng Ngok, and the founder of POPULAR Group.

Arriving on the shores of Singapore in 1924, Mr Chou Sing Chu set up his first bookstore, beginning a lifelong career that would eventually expand and grow into the POPULAR Holdings we know today.

Mr Chou Sing Chu was passionate about Chinese culture, and active in promoting Chinese culture in
Southeast Asia.

Due to the political developments in the region after World War Two, the supply of Chinese books began to decline in the late 1940s. Mr Chou Sing Chu was the driving force that made Chinese books much more accessible to readers in Southeast Asia. His heavy involvement in the publishing industry not only quenched the region’s literary thirst and stimulated the publishing industry, but also groomed a generation of talented publishing editors across Southeast Asia.

Emphasis on Education

Mr Chou Sing Chu recognised the importance of education. As Asia opened up to Western influences, the need to preserve cultural roots became imperative. This sharp awareness laid the foundation of his children becoming bilingual, masters of both English and Chinese languages. In time, they too, left their mark in the Chinese cultural scene.

Mr Chou Sing Chu’s push for education did not stop within his home – he published school textbooks, and assessment and reading materials for students. This was during a time when Chinese books were in short supply, and his educational books were distributed regionally, greatly promoting the Chinese culture and ensuring that students would always have sufficient Chinese reading materials for their studies.

The Lasting Legacy

In his lifetime, Mr Chou Sing Chu shared his love for books and culture with Southeast Asia. His passion and dedication in promoting Chinese culture and language inspired people beyond his family. In honour of his legacy, the Foundation was named after him.

Chou Sing Chu Foundation seeks to follow the footsteps of Mr Chou Sing Chu to promote Chinese culture and language to the masses in Singapore and Southeast Asia.