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26 Popclub-Prepare for PSLE With the Sing Chu Education Series

Prepare for PSLE With the Sing Chu Education Series

Chou Sing Chu Foundation has published a comprehensive series of guidebooks to help schoolchildren prepare for the PSLE.

With the adoption of the new examination format in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), the subject of Chinese has taken on an even more important role in getting our children into their preferred secondary schools. Knowing what to learn will improve their learning efficiency while helping them prepare for their PSLE Chinese examination.

In line with its commitment to promoting reading in Chinese and the use of Chinese, Chou Sing Chu Foundation has donated over 130,000 Chinese children’s storybooks to Tampines Regional Library and 70 primary schools in Singapore, organised roving storytelling sessions in various public libraries and schools around the country, and published a series of children’s storybooks. In addition, we have published a comprehensive series of guidebooks to help young students learn and prepare for the PSLE.

The series of guidebooks covers the key elements in giving children a strong foundation in learning Chinese, including learning new words and improving their vocabulary, becoming familiar with the format of the PSLE Chinese Paper 2, and mastering the reading comprehension section that many students find difficult. The contents of our guidebooks are planned according to the Chinese syllabus set by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Artboard 3



This three-volume series features Chinese and English annotations to help students master up to 180 Chinese words in a
systematic approach.

Artboard 2


This two-volume series provides upper primary students with
comprehensive examination preparation tips and strategies for the PSLE Chinese Paper 2, and includes an “Exam Handbook” to help students with their final revision and master the
answering techniques.



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This three-volume series features Chinese and English annotations to help students learn and differentiate up to 157 frequently used Chinese words that are similar looking or have similar meanings

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This six-volume series of guidebooks features a
step-by-step approach to help primary school students master reading comprehension with ease. The series for Primary 1, 2, 3, and 6 students are available now!

The “Sing Chu Education” series of guidebooks to prepare our children for the PSLE are available at all POPULAR Bookstores now.

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2022 Sing Chu Children’s Day | I Love Party!

2022 Sing Chu Children’s Day | I Love Party!

Celebrate this Children’s Day with interesting storytelling, fun games, interactive magic show and attractive prizes.

8 Oct 2022 Saturday
POP@Central Bras Basah Complex
Blk 231 Bain Street, Level 4, Singapore 180231


舞台节目Stage Programme

2.00pm 周星衢新书发布魔术秀! Magic Show
2.30pm 故事讲演:2021年全国中小学创意阅读比赛得奖者 Storytelling Show by 2021 NCCRC Winners
3.00pm 我爱色彩”填色比赛 I Love Colours* Contest

*child may bring personal colouring materials, such as colour pencils, markers and crayons. Kindly avoid using water or oil-based colouring materials.
3.30pm 星衢讲故事:让故事活起来!Sing Chu Chinese Storytelling
4.00pm 我爱画画 Interactive Drawing by STABILO
4.15pm “我爱色彩”填色比赛颁奖礼
Prize Award I Love Colours Contest Winners
4.30pm 我爱小蛋糕! I Love Cakes


更多有趣活动 More Exciting Activities

脸彩绘 Face painting


可爱描画 Bookmark Caricature


FREE Eye Test

New_Logos_Colours-01 (1)

Get your eyesight checked now!



Register Now!
First 200 children to register shall receive a goodie bag.



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(2nd Edition ) Let’s Write! Singapore Creative Story Writing Competition for Primary Students

Let’s Write!
Singapore Creative Story Writing Competition for Primary Students

The “Let’s Write” series of projects is focused on the creation of Chinese children’s books in Singapore. It aims to promote Chinese creative work and enrich the selection of Chinese children’s books locally.

This competition provides a platform for students to undertake creative writing in Chinese, while encouraging them to think in Chinese and create their own children’s stories.

LAST CALL for submission
Submission Deadline: 16 Jan 2023

Email submission to:

25th Pop Club-Let’s Write: Five Children’s Storybooks by Local Writers

Let’s Write: Five Children’s Storybooks by Local Writers

Written by local writers, Chou Sing Chu Foundation’s five exciting new children’s storybooks are available at all POPULAR Bookstores!

For children to be proficient in Chinese, extracurricular learning is vital, but choosing good children’s books is equally important. Chou Sing Chu Foundation has just published the Let’s Write series of children’s storybooks in June 2022. Written by local writers for younger students in Singapore, the five-volume series features interesting stories and vivid illustrations. To help children learn better by developing their vocabulary, all the key words in the stories feature hanyu pinyin and are listed in both Chinese and English. Our writers have even penned personal messages to the students in their books.

辣弟阿角_3d copy 辣弟阿角_spread_1 copy

Little Curry Puff: The Mysterious Tissue Paper

Is it true that all the worries and tears in this world can be wiped away with a magical tissue?Author: Quek See Ling, Senior Chinese Editor at Chou Sing Chu Foundation, is an experienced educator. She is the author of many history and literature books, including several collections of poetry, a collection of paintings, and children’s books.

菲菲_3d copy 菲菲的假期日记_spread copy

Feifei’s Holiday Diary

Primary school student, Feifei, reads every day, but her mischievous younger brother flies up to the sky instead?
Author: Formerly Senior Executive Reporter at Lianhe Zaobao,  Teoh Hee La has won many Singapore and international literary awards and is the author of several novels and essay collections.

救灾英雄_3d 救灾英雄_spread

Rescue Heroes

The retired fire fighter shares his stories of training and rescue from his own experience.
Author: Retired Singapore Civil Defence Force officer, Lee Chuan Low, is an award-winning Singaporean writer and literary critic. He has authored numerous books and devotes himself to working in several local literary organisations.

水獭加加_3d 水獭加加的故事_spread

The Story of Jiajia the Otter

The three cute otter brothers swim with their families to find a new home.
Author: Dr Soon Ai Ling is a veteran educator who has served as a middle school teacher, a kindergarten principal, and a Ministry of Education inspector of the Chinese curriculum. She was also an assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University. Her works have won numerous awards and have been translated into several languages.

树桐爷爷_3d 树桐爷爷的家_spread_1

Grandpa Woody’s Home

A pair of young siblings chance upon an old talking tree in Bukit Timah Hill.
Author: Low Pooi Fong was a former reporter and editor of Lianhe Zaobao. The nature lover has authored several collections of essays and literary reportage, and her works have won numerous awards.

24th Popclub: You Read A Book, We Donate A Book!

EBAS FB Banner

You Read A Book, We Donate A Book!

Chou Sing Chu Foundation continues to promote reading and learning Chinese through EveryBookaStory, an extension of its annual School Library Sponsorship Programme launched in 2019.

Since June 2021, the EveryBookaStory (EBAS) online platform by Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) has enabled the public to take part in inspiring reading and bonding through sharing. Based on the number of posts, CSCF donates a matching number of the books to local primary schools in the queue to join the School Library Sponsorship Programme.

Be A Part Of This Donation Drive!

With over 500 videos posted with the #EveryBookaStory hashtag on Instagram, attracting a total of around 30,000 views over a period of eight months.


Although the campaign was launched in Singapore, we were surprised and happy to receive support from Malaysia, Canada, Spain, United States, Thailand, Cuba, the United Kingdom, Australia. Their participation reflected that learning Chinese is truly a global trend.

logo_RGBMany well-known figures have taken part too, including singers such as Wong Jing Lun, Jiu Jian, Gina Tan, and The Freshman; celebrities such as Yeo Yann Yann, Sharon Au, Moses Lim, Jesseca Liu, and Edmund Chen; Singapore politician Tin Pei Ling and former politician Lee Bee Wah; notable individuals such as Guan Xue Mei, Teo Ser Lee, and Jing Yun; and many more. EBAS collaborated with SPH Radio 96.3haofm and UFM100.3 to promote this meaningful campaign, with DJs from both stations uploading storytelling videos and encouraged listeners to support EBAS while on the air. CSCF’s I Love Reading series of children’s books also featured in a number of the videos, and was very well received. Some schools that received the sponsorship in previous years came forward to help the schools still on the waiting list too.

Pick up a book right now and join in this donation drive for Chinese children’s books!




5th Sing Chu National Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2022 Winners

5th Sing Chu National Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2022 finals was held on 20th August 2022 at United Square Shopping Mall Basement 1 Atrium. We would like to express our gratitude to all participating students, schools, teachers, parents and judges.

We are honoured to invite Mr Choo Thiam Siew (Chou Sing Chu Foundation Board of Director, Chief Executive Officer of International Chinese Cultural Exchange Federation & President of General Society for Chinese Classical Poetry), Mr Heu Chang Chin (Calligrapher) and Mr Xie Yuzhe (Consultant of National University of Singapore Chinese Calligraphy Society)  as our judges.

Congratulations to all the winners and schools! Please click the following links for full results:

Lower Primary winners list
Upper Primary winners list
Secondary winners list

Calligraphy 2022 results list_Top3

23rd Popclub: New I Love Reading Series!

New I Love Reading Series!

A little frog, silly crows, and seahorse father that gives birth to its children are some characters in the sixth I Love Reading collection!

Reading is one of the best ways to learn Chinese. The popular I Love Reading series of Chinese children’s books by Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) is filled with fun illustrations and vivid language. Every story is accompanied by an English translation, English definitions for new words, and a message to teachers and parents, encouraging parents and teachers to read along with the children, exploring the world of books. Each book contains four wonderful tales waiting to be discovered by readers, such as:

What unforgettable adventure awaits the cute little frog in the city? (I Love My Home 6)
Why did the crows hit a wall with their clever ideas? (I Love Animals 6)
Dried persimmons more frightening than the tiger? (I Love Classics 6)
Little seahorse was given birth to by its father? (I Love Life 6)


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A child’s development and the accumulation of vocabulary happen bit by bit. Children of this digital age are welcome to pick up one of the I Love Reading books and start reading, letting the colourful characters within keep them company as they grow up!

The sixth collection in the I Love Reading series is now available in all POPULAR bookstores.

The CSCF Kids Storytelling Wonderland YouTube Channel

CSCF_online storytelling CSCF_Grp

CSCF volunteers have conducted nearly 400 storytelling events at the National Library, in primary schools, shopping centres, and so on, which have all been warmly welcomed by the children.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we moved our storytelling activities online. Our reading ambassadors remained side by side with the children as they learnt Chinese, sharing interesting stories that made learning fun. Tune in to the CSCF Kids Storytelling Wonderland YouTube channel to listen to stories, play games, and learn Chinese together!

CSCF Kids Storytelling Wonderland YouTube Channel

22nd Popclub: Chinese Reading Comprehension, Step by Step!

 Chinese Reading Comprehension, Step by Step!

New series of Chinese guidebooks helps students master reading comprehension!

cat The foundations for language learning should preferably be laid from a young age. Reading comprehension is crucial in the practical application of Chinese. After publishing a series of guidebooks on word and phrase differentiation, Chou Sing Chu Foundation is launching Chinese Reading Comprehension: Step by Step!, a guidebook series that takes a step-by-step approach to help primary school students master reading comprehension with ease.

Learning with Joy

阅读理解这样做p1 阅读理解这样做p2 阅读理解这样做p3

Practising for the reading comprehension section of the Chinese exams is a wearisome and daunting proposition for primary school students. Chinese Reading Comprehension: Step by Step! is a unique learning companion specially designed for Singapore primary school students that integrates reading methods, comprehension techniques, and practice exercises in fun ways.

Tailored to the needs of different levels, the contents progress from the simple to the more complex, and are presented in a systematic and appealing way to stimulate students’ interest in learning. The presentation is varied and fun, with poetry, diary entries, and short story passages. Hanyu pinyin is included, along with vivid illustrations and game-like exercises.

CSCF D3-2 Practice makes perfect. Each unit in this series features easy-to-read diagrams that concisely explain techniques used in reading comprehension, along with examples and three sets of practice questions, helping students to check their progress. In addition to Chinese and English explanations for learning techniques and difficult new words, a summary section and three sets of review questions are included at the end of each book to encourage students to have fun practising. Solutions are included as a reference for parents or teachers, or for students learning on their own.
Primary school is a crucial phase in every child’s learning journey. With this valuable companion, primary school students can learn Chinese with ease. The supplementary books for Primary 1 and 2 students are now on sale in POPULAR Bookstores, with the Primary 3 version coming soon!

Chinese Storytelling

Good News! Our Sing Chu Chinese Storytelling at libraries is back!

Packed with fun-filled interactive Chinese Storytelling activities not to be missed!

Since September 2015, Chou Sing Chu Foundation has been organising a series of Chinese storytelling sessions in public libraries around the island. Our aim is to enable children to learn Chinese through listening to interesting and engaging stories, and at the same time, ignite their imagination and instil good values.

To date, the response has been overwhelming. Most of our storytellers are volunteers, and amongst them are student volunteers who have undergone training in storytelling for children. Many guest storytellers, like the renowned local TV personality Mr Kenneth Kong, have also taken time off their busy schedule to participate in our storytelling sessions.

The stories used in these sessions are taken from the Chou Sing Chu Foundation’s educational repository and are suitable for children between the ages of four and ten. We warmly welcome parents to join us with their children.

Engaging stories and an exciting childhood – this is the best time of life to be filled with laughter and vivid imaginations.


For more information about our events, please visit our Facebook page.



CSCF Kids Storytelling Wonderland

“Sing Chu Storytelling Wonderland” Is an online Chinese storytelling channel for children by Chou Sing Chu Foundation, extending from our “Sing Chu Chinese Storytelling” series of public events. Through vivid storytelling and fun activities for children, the channel aims to help children in learning Chinese, inspiring their imagination and cultivating good values. Suitable for children aged 4 to 12,

CSCF Kids Storytelling Wonderland Season 3 is back with more vivid storytelling videos and interesting activities. Inspiring kids’ imagination and learn Chinese in a fun and easy way! Premiering 3rd June, don’t miss the date!

Subscribe to our channel to catch the latest uploads