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Preparing for Success: Achieving AL1 with Mastering PSLE Chinese: Paper 2

This new Chinese teaching aid series helps primary school students master the exam techniques needed for the PSLE Chinese Paper 2.



The latest Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) format for Chinese stresses practical use and application of the language, particularly in the second section of Paper 2, which requires that students master the language. They cannot rely on rote memorisation to score well. It is crucial for students to be familiar with question types and master answering techniques to achieve good results.

However, parents and students can be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of learning resources on the market. Choosing the right books can alleviate the worries of students. Chou Sing Chu Foundation has produced a two-volume series, Mastering PSLE Chinese: Paper 2, that will enhance the effectiveness of their learning.

Word Differentiation Series


This series is specially designed for Primary 5 and 6 students to support their exam preparations. The contents target key areas of the Chinese subject primary school examinations, taking specific reference from the latest PSLE Paper 2 format. It offers comprehensive preparation materials and practice questions, including “Examination Tips”, “Comprehensive Exercises”, “Model Papers”, and the “Exam Handbook”, enabling students to prepare for the exams efficiently and strengthening their confidence.

Primary school students are often confused by heteronymic words, polysemous words, measure words, and correlatives, while being unfamiliar with common idioms and colloquial sayings too, losing points in the exams as a result. Additionally, many students struggle to fully grasp question-answering techniques, particularly in the “Reading Comprehension” section, thus often failing to accurately answer questions or even giving up on questions completely. This series includes a specially prepared “Exam Handbook”, an all-in-one guide covering the categorisation and application of heteronymic words, polysemous words, measure words and correlatives. It also contains 125 common idioms and colloquial sayings. It focuses on the specific areas tested in the Chinese Paper 2 and offers answering techniques, helping students to revise systematically and keep their cool during the exams.

Each volume is accompanied by over 500 practice questions and five model exam papers, helping students to further consolidate what they have learnt and familiarise themselves with the exam format. This series is an essential learning companion for primary students and is now available at all POPULAR Bookstores. Get your copy today!