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Reading And Learning Chinese Is Fun!

The fourth collection in the I Love Reading series brings new fun to reading Chinese!


Encouraging our children to develop the habit of reading from a young age is beneficial. Besides imparting knowledge, reading can inspire our children’s creativity and ingenuity, and is crucial in laying a strong foundation for learning languages.

However, growing up in this digitally connected world means that our children may find reading a challenge, especially if they find Chinese books uninteresting. Chou Sing Chu Foundation has published a series of quality reading materials tailor-made, from content to language, for the children to promote reading Chinese children’s books. Now in its fourth edition, each collection of the I Love Reading series consists of four differently themed storybooks.

Choosing reading materials that our children are genuinely interested in goes a long way in developing the habit of reading. A captivating story for children has a simple world that matches their innocent minds, coupled with an interesting plot that allows the children to use their imagination while reading. Additionally, well-drawn illustrations will also attract the children’s attention.

As part of the Sing Chu Children’s Books series, the I Love Reading collections incorporate the elements of fun, imagination, and innocence. All the stories are written in-house specifically for local children using materials from the Foundation’s educational repository, and incorporate insights from Chinese teachers. The language used in the series adheres to the Chinese syllabus of Singapore’s primary schools, and each book is vetted by the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. The illustrations within, drawn by both local and overseas artists, further attract the children’s interest. For example, the I Love Animals 4 storybook teaches our children about nature through fables with adorable animal characters.

Getting a child to settle down and read can be challenging. That is why we recommend that parents read together with their children, not only to help their children learn Chinese but to bond with them through a common activity. Parents can inculcate the right values in their children through the stories, developing character and integrity in them.

The books feature explanations of keywords in English and special messages for parents and teachers “星衢童书”附有中英 对照的重点词语解释与 “给师长的话”

The books feature explanations of keywords in English and special messages for parents and teachers
“星衢童书”附有中英 对照的重点词语解释与 “给师长的话”

The I Love Reading collections also introduce our children to Chinese culture. For example, the I Love Legends 4 storybook highlights traditional Chinese virtues through classical stories like “Kuang Heng Borrows Light” and “Mencius and the Lesson of Weaving”. Every story has been translated into English, with explanations of keywords in English, and special messages to parents and teachers to encourage reading and interaction with their children.

Chou Sing Chu Foundation has also been organising a series of Chinese storytelling sessions in public libraries across the island since 2015. Our Sing Chu Chinese Storytelling events enable children between the ages of four and 10 to learn the stories from the I Love Reading collections while having a fun and engaging time.