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Stay at Home with Children 2

Are you looking for more ways to engage with your child creatively? The structure of every Chinese word carries meaning and significance. Breaking them down into component characters can help children understand the meaning behind the words, and unique drawings can even be formed out of ordinary words. Try it with our word cards, available for download, with these examples to get you started.


Please Right Click the image to download the Words Play card.

cardgame4 cardgame5 Sing_Chu_Word_Card_Game_3 cardgame3
Sing_Chu_Word_Card_Game_1 cardgame2 cardgame1 cardgame6

Check out another audiobook extracted from our I Love Reading Series 2, I Love Life 2. This extract features the story of two chickens who find true friendship in times of crisis. After listening to the story, parents can encourage children to draw a portrait of their best friend or discuss an incident about friendship bonds.