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Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) School Library Sponsorship Programme 2020

Treasures can be found in books, and libraries are a paradise for students to obtain a wealth of knowledge. School libraries are well- loved places that students frequently visit. They are a veritable learning paradise where students are immersed in a host of exciting resources.

  • We assist schools in getting the best Chinese children books from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Selections are tailored / customised according to the different levels and needs of the students
  • We provide suggestions/recommendations to schools in organising other concurrent events/activities to further interest growth in the language.

The Chou Sing Chu School Library Sponsorship Programme was launched in 2018, with 10 Primary Schools benefitting from the programme. This programme is co-organised by Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) in 2019.


Nurturing a love for the Chinese language at an early age is important in establishing a strong foundation for learning. It helps prepare our children to plug into a globalised world and strengthen their links to our Asian heritage.


The programme is open to all primary schools in Singapore. For schools with an MOE Kindergarten, the programme will covers both libraries.


The funding is in the form of books, tailored and customised according to individual school needs.

  • Chinese children book collections in the school libraries
  • Local and imported books
  • Books cataloguing
  • Other forms of services (subject to approval)

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You may find the application form here. Please complete and submit by 1 Oct 2019. The application should contain:

  • Completed application form.
  • Proposal of how your school will encourage reading or promote the Chinese language.
  • The current collection of Chinese books in your school libraries (No. of titles & No. of copies).
  • Details about other forms of support that your school may need to further enhance the effectiveness of the CSCF School Library Sponsorship Programme in your school.
  • The specific genre of books your school hopes to expand if your application is successful.

The approved sponsorship, in terms of quantity to be sponsored, will be reviewed and evaluated by our panel of judges on the following criteria: relevance, impact, scalability, sustainability, outreach and track record of applicants.

  • Relevance Submission meets the objectives of the programme, how much the applicants have contributed in the past, present and possibly the future to the learning and teaching of the language
  • Impact Library outreach, what has been done and will be done in the library to heighten the interest level in the learning or teaching of Chinese.
  • Scalability The library size and book collections in terms of category, genres and level in comparison to the school population
  • Sustainability 
Plan for monitoring and evaluating the success of the programme

Successful applicants will be notified with a letter of offer stating the terms and conditions. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreed to by both parties will be signed, and subsequently fulfilled by both parties upon confirmation.


To find out more about any of CSCF’s programmes and events, please email us at general@chouscfoundation.org. Alternatively, please contact the CSCF staff listed below directly:

Erina Wong 王绣越 erinawong@chouscfoundation.org 69085083
Lynn Lee 李宝玲 lynnlee@chouscfoundation.org 69085085
Stella Teh 郑爱璟 stellateh@chouscfoundation.org 69085080