About this event

Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) School Library Sponsorship Programme was set up after CSCF’s sponsorship for Tampines Regional Library (TRL)’s Chinese Children Collection, which has received overwhelmingly positive response from the general public. The public’s appreciation and acknowledgement of our effort has further inspired us to continue with a similar programme tailored for schools.


Learning Chinese helps to prepare our children to broaden their gateway in learning.  They will be able to appreciate the vast knowledge and heritage from thousand years of Chinese development in cultural and language. Through CSCF School Library Sponsorship Programme, we hope to support the students to open their minds through the comprehensive book collections.

  • Chinese children book collections in the school libraries
  • Local and imported books
  • Books cataloguing
  • Other forms of services (subject to approval)

A minimum of 10 schools will be selected for 2018 and 2019. The approved funding amount for each project will subject to the nature and scope of the school library. CSCF will provide a book recommendation list based on the funds approved and be responsible for all aspects of the fulfilment, from selection, purchase, cataloguing (if required) and logistics.

Depending on the scope, approved sponsorship will be disbursed to successful applicants in the forms of books in tranches set at suitable milestones of the project implementation.
Actual delivery time is subject to book ordering and logistics.

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You may find the application form here. Please complete and submit by 1 Oct 2018. The application should contain:

  • Completed application form.
  • Proposal of how your school will encourage reading or promote the Chinese language.
  • The current collection of Chinese books in your school libraries (No. of titles & No. of copies).
  • Details about other forms of support that your school may need to further enhance the effectiveness of the CSCF School Library Sponsorship Programme in your school.
  • The specific genre of books your school hopes to expand if your application is successful.

The table below has listed some of the most common book genres. Please note that the list is not exhaustive.

图画文学书 期刊 儿童教课 儿童影视
外国翻译儿童文学 游戏书 兴趣类:音乐/舞蹈/美术/书法 儿童戏剧
科普/百科 童话书 卡通/动漫 纸板书
儿童诗歌 科学文艺 理智/成长 挂图卡片
儿童寓言 儿童小说 儿童散文 阅读工具书


Timeline of the assessment period is available here. All applications will be assessed by the CSCF Board by October 2018. You may be contacted if more information, or clarification, is required.  All information submitted will be treated in strict confidence.

CSCF reserves the right to request for additional information relevant to the project. In the event that clarification about any aspect of the application is required, the applicant should provide a comprehensive response within 7 working days of written notification.


Eligible applications will be reviewed and evaluated by CSCF Board, based on the following criteria:

  • Library size (scalability)
  • Space allocation for Chinese collections, outreach and track record
  • Potential for increasing interests of the students based on the proposed programme to encourage Chinese learning by school

Successful applicants will be notified with a letter of offer stating the terms and conditions. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreed to by both parties will be signed, and subsequently fulfilled by both parties upon confirmation.


To find out more about any of CSCF’s programmes and events, please email us at general@chouscfoundation.org. Alternatively, please contact the CSCF staff listed below directly:

Erina Wong 王绣越 erinawong@chouscfoundation.org 69085083
Lynn Lee 李宝玲 lynnlee@chouscfoundation.org 69085085