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“Sing Chu Storytelling Wonderland” Is an online Chinese storytelling channel for children by Chou Sing Chu Foundation, extending from our “Sing Chu Chinese Storytelling” series of public events. Through vivid storytelling and fun activities for children, the channel aims to help children in learning Chinese, inspiring their imagination and cultivating good values. The stories are suitable for children aged 4 to 12, and will be broadcast every Friday at 7p.m.


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YT_cover_1.maomao (1)

Ep 1 :毛毛的新毯子 全片 | Maomao’s New Blanket 

Launched date: 12th March 2021

 YT_cover_2.swim (1)

Ep 2 :为什么我们不会游泳? 全片 | Why can’t we swim? 

Launched date: 19th March 2021


Ep 3 :一束不同颜色的花 全片 | A bouquet of colourful flowers

Launched date: 26th March 2021


Ep 4 : 小猫咪咪 全片 | Little Kitten Mi Mi 

Launched date: 2nd Apr 2021


Ep 5 : 小苍蝇环游世界 全片 |Mr Fly travels around the world

播放日: 4月09日2021


Ep 6 : 等明天 全片 |Waiting for tomorrow

播放日: 4月16 日2021


Ep 7 : 袋鼠妈妈的大口袋 全片 |Mother Kangaroo’s Pouch

播放日: 4月23 日2021


Ep 8 : 龟兔又赛跑 全片 |Of Tortoises and Hares

播放日: 4月30 日2021


Ep 9 :买西瓜 全片 |Buying Watermelon

播放日: 5月07 日2021


 最后一集 Ep 10: 小猪赛跑 全片 |Piggy’s race

播放日: 5月14 日2021