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“Sing Chu Storytelling Wonderland” Is an online Chinese storytelling channel for children by Chou Sing Chu Foundation, extending from our “Sing Chu Chinese Storytelling” series of public events. Through vivid storytelling and fun activities for children, the channel aims to help children in learning Chinese, inspiring their imagination and cultivating good values. Suitable for children aged 4 to 12,

CSCF Kids Storytelling Wonderland Season 3 is back with more vivid storytelling videos and interesting activities. Inspiring kids’ imagination and learn Chinese in a fun and easy way! Premiering 3rd June, don’t miss the date!

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Season 3 (NEW)
Season 2



Ep 1 :吵架的刀叉和筷子 全片 |The Clash of the Cutlery

Launched date: 6th August 2021


Ep 2 :真正的朋友 全片 

Launched date: 20th August 2021


Ep 3 : 母鸡不要生蛋 全片 

Launched date: 3rd Sep 2021


Ep 4 : 种梨 全片 

Launched date: 17 Sep 2021


Ep 5 : 四个好朋友 全片 

Launched date: 1 Oct 2021


Ep 6 : 老鼠偷油 全片 

Launched date: 15 Oct 2021


Ep 7 :小眼镜找朋友 全片 |

Launched date: 2 Nov 2021


Ep 8 :国王不运动 全片 |

Launched date: 19 Nov 2021



Ep 9 :张良捡鞋 全片 |

Launched date: 3 Dec 2021


Ep 10 :熊婆婆和它的树 全片 |

Launched date: 17 Dec 2021

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