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In compliance with the Singapore government’s measures against the global COVID-19 pandemic, this event will be postponed until further notice. As the safety of the speaker, the audience and our staff is our top concern, we are not able to confirm the new event date and time at this moment. Please seek a refund before 31 December 2020 with original ticket(s) and receipt at the respective purchase counters, which you have purchased. There will be no refund after the deadline. We thank you for your understanding and patience. Please stay safe!



Q: Why is the event postponed? 为什么讲座需要延期?
A: The safety and well-being of the speaker and audience is top priority and both the Speaker and the Organiser jointly decided to postpone the event.

Q: When is the new event date and time? 请问讲座延期到什么时候?
A: The new date and time has not been fixed. 目前还未确定新的讲座日期和时间。

Q: How will we be notified of the new date and time? 请问主办当局会如何通知新的讲座日期和时间?
A: The organiser will announce the new date and time on their website and Facebook. The organiser will also contact public who had purchased the ticket via contact information provided. 主办当局将会通过网页及脸书发布最新消息。主办当局也会依据已购票的公众所留下的联络方式进行通知。

Q: Is there a time limit to do the refund? 若要退票,请问有期限吗?
A: Please seek a refund before 31 December 2020 with original ticket(s) and receipt at the respective purchase counters, which you have purchased. There will be no refund after the deadline. 请在2020年12月31日或之前携带票品和收据到您购票的柜台安排退票。期限之后将无法退票。

For further enquiries, please contact us at singchulectures@chouscfoundation.org, or reach us at 6908 5080 (Mon – Fri 10am – 3pm).


Literature belongs to all those who live and dream.

Through Sing Chu Literature Lectures, Chou Sing Chu Foundation regularly invites outstanding individuals from the Chinese literary community to share their journeys with literature lovers. We hope that these masters of literature can reach out to the public and inspire all to continue making literature an essential part of their lives.

Sing Chu Literature Lectures Chapter 6:
Jimmy Liao’s World of Picture Books



Speaker: Jimmy Liao

Born in Yilan, Taiwan, Jimmy Liao began his career as an illustrator and picture book writer in 1998. Jimmy loves telling stories through his illustrations, and believes that picture books are not only for children. Hence, he strives to create picture books for readers of all ages. Jimmy was named one of “Asia’s 55 most creative people” by Studio Voice, and was also one of the six outstanding individuals featured in Discovery Channel’s Portraits Taiwan series. Jimmy’s works have been adapted into musicals, television series, and films, and the animated film adaptation of A Fish with a Smile has won a Berlin International Film Festival prize. Jimmy has won multiple Golden Tripod Awards, the Prix Bernard Versele – a Belgian award for literature for children’s and youth literature – the Swedish Peter Pan’s Silver Star, and the First Prize for artistic illustration from Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. He has also been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award – the world’s most prestigious prize for children’s and youth literature – several times.

Talk Synopsis: Jimmy Liao’s World of Picture Books

Jimmy Liao has been creating picture books since 1998. He has published over 60 titles, which have been translated into some 200 books in over 20 different languages. Jimmy’s creative works also includes musicals, music albums, films, animations, theme parks, art exhibitions, landscape art, and public art. Chou Sing Chu Foundation is pleased to welcome Jimmy to Singapore for the next Sing Chu Literature Lecture, when he will share his creative experiences from a career spanning over 20 years, do a reading from his works, and reveal the joy and inspiration that his work has brought him.

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