ChildrenBook3_Webbanner-011I Love Reading Collection 3

I Love Reading Collections are sets of Chinese illustrated books and the 1st series was launched in 2015. It has since received tremendous support from parents and teachers and has topped POPULAR Bookstore’s Chinese Books Bestsellers Chart.


The new Collection 3 features:

  • Translations of the stories in English to aid children in understanding
  • Rich content with vivid illustrations
  • Keywords labelled with phonetics to help children recognise new words
  • Special message to parents and teachers to encourage reading and interaction with children
  • Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) as our language consultant and is specially catered to local children’s needs


Book’s Synopsis

ChildrenBook3_CI Love Life 3        ▼Lower Primary
Who is my Greatest Opponent? – The Strange Object in the Shoes – The Dictionary King – The Clash of the Cutlery
Who prevents Zhisheng from achieving success? What does Wenwen put in the old man’s shoes? Does the dictionary really knows every word? Oh no, the fork and the chopsticks are fighting! Remember: be humble and compassionate, and exercise good judgement


ChildrenBook3_AI Love Animals 3          ▼Lower Primary
The Nine-coloured Deer – The Mischievous Little Fish – Sister Mouse Gets Married – Granny Bear and Her Tree

What will the Nine-coloured Deer do when it is cornered? What fate awaits the greedy little fish? Sister Mouse marries a cat. A tree seedling protects Granny Bear through the four seasons. These stories reminds children to keep their promises, be grateful, and follow their parents’ advice!


ChildrenBook3_BI Love Legends 3          ▲Upper Primary
Zhang Liang and the Shoe – Yanzi Debates the King of Chu – A Test of Intelligence – Bao Gong Interrogates a Rock

A mysterious old man makes Zhang Liang retrieve his shoe. Yanzi, envoy to the Kingdom of Chu, has to enter through a side door? Can Xu Wenchang retrieve his prize, suspended high? Justice Bao interrogates the suspect, a rock! Learn from the wisdom of famous characters from ancient China!


ChildrenBook3_DI Love Classics 3          ▲Upper Primary
The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish – Planting a Pear Tree – The Empty Fort Strategy – The Happy Prince

A goldfish granting wishes? A pear tree growing instantly? Scaring enemies away by playing the zither atop the city gate? Why was the Happy Prince unhappy? Classic stories from Russia, China and Ireland that reminds children to be appreciative and share what we have.