Topping POPULAR Bookstore’s Chinese Books Bestsellers Chart every year since 2015, I Love Reading Collection returns with new illustrated classic stories specially written and illustrated for the Singapore primary level students.

Each I Love Reading Collection consists of four differently themed storybooks with each book containing four short stories to inspire children through interesting, imaginative and lively elements.


The new Collection 4 features:

  • The Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) as our language consultant; the stories are specially written to address local children’s needs
  • Rich content with vivid illustrations to promote joy in reading
  • Keywords labelled with phonetics to help children recognise new words
  • A special message to parents and teachers to encourage reading and interaction with children
  • Collection 4 include stories translated in English

Book’s Synopsis

LIFE4I Love Life 4
Lele and His Pink Costume – Lele Meets the Tooth Fairy – Lele the Class Monitor – The Spectacles Find a Friend
Can Lele perform on stage with the wrong costume?  What should he do with his shaky tooth? Being the class monitor is awesome, but…  Are you the friend that the spectacles are looking for? Life is a book – let us learn in life and live in learning.



ANIMAL4_AI Love Animals 4
The Fly That Crawled Around the World – Mother Kangeroo’s Pouch – The Regrown Tail – Little Rabbit and Little Hedgehog
Do you believe the fly’s claims that it has travelled around the world? What’s hidden in Mother Kangaroo’s pouch? A strange tail that saves the gecko? “How ugly!” Little Rabbit detests its friend, but… These stories showcasing the lovable character of various animals are full of fun!


LEGEND4_CI Love Legends 4
Kuang Heng Borrows Light – Hua Tuo Passes the Test – Wang Xizhi’s Learning Journey – Mencius and the Lesson of Weaving
Could Premier Kuang Heng study at night when he couldn’t afford the candles? How did famous physician Hua Tuo convince his teacher to accept him as a disciple? Renowned calligrapher Wang Xizhi was fully absorbed in practice… The great thinker Mencius made his mother so angry she cut up the cloth? Learn the wisdom of these four Chinese historical figures and develop your strengths!


LEARN4_BI Love to Learn 4         
Of Tortoises and Hares – Waiting for Tomorrow – The Gold Ingot and The Seed – Maomao’s New Blanket
A new chapter in the race between the Tortoise and the Hare? Who will triumph? Can we really afford to leave everything to tomorrow? What do the seed and gold ingot represent? Everyone loves new things, but are you willing give them to others? Through diligence and love, let us become better people!



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