Topping POPULAR Bookstore’s Chinese Books Bestsellers Chart every year since 2015, I Love Reading Collection returns with new illustrated stories specially written and illustrated for the Singapore primary level students.

Each I Love Reading Collection consists of four differently themed storybooks with each book containing four short stories to inspire children through interesting, imaginative and lively elements.

The new Collection 5 features:

  • The Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) as our language consultant; the stories are specially written to address local children’s needs
  • Rich content with vivid illustrations to promote joy in reading
  • Keywords labelled with phonetics to help children recognise new words
  • A special message to parents and teachers to encourage reading and interaction with children
  • Collection 5 include stories translated in English

Book’s Synopsis

COVER_生活5_3dI Love Life 5
Lele’s Little Brother – Lele’s Dreams – Lele Takes the Subway – Just a Little Longer

“Why are my parents ignoring me?” “What are my dreams?” “What do I do if I stray from my mother while walking?” “My parents promised to take me out to play…” Read on as Lele learns about life!



COVER_我爱动物5_I Love AnimalsI Love Animals 5
Xiaoqi’s Adventure – The Short-Sighted Rhino  – The Little Frog – A Job for Little Woodpecker

An otter gets lost in a shopping mall… What is the short-sighted rhino to do? A little frog does not recognise its younger self… Tok-tok-tok, listen to Little Woodpecker’s woes!


COVER_我爱经典5_ILoveClassicsI Love Classics 5
The Fox and the Crow – The North Wind and the Sun – The Prince and the Pauper – The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountains

The Fox is a fan of the Crow’s music? Is the North Wind or the Sun stronger? The Prince switches places with the Pauper… What? The old man wants to remove the mountains? Classics, retold!


COVER_学习5_3dI Love to Learn 5       
Crocodile Attack – The Swimming Champion – Treasure Hunting – The Seaweed Bed

What will the otter Tada do when it encounters a crocodile? How will Tada become the swimming champ? Tada searches for treasure under the sea! How will Tada sleep without being swept away by waves? Follow Tada on this learning journey!


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