I Love Reading Collection 6

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The well-loved I Love Reading Collection is back with a brand new series specially written and illustrated for the Singapore primary level students! Consisting of four differently themed storybooks, with each book containing four short stories to inspire children through interesting, imaginative and lively elements.

New Collection 6 features:

  • Rich content with vivid illustrations to promote joy in reading
  • Keywords labelled with phonetics to help children recognise new words
  • A special message to parents and teachers to encourage reading and interaction with children
  • Stories translated into English

Book’s Synopsis

I Love Animals 6

Natter the Hen – Two Little Troublemakers – Crows to the Rescue – The Zebra Who Wanted to be Different
A hen that can chat all day without laying eggs? Monkey and Weasel dared to play a prank on Tiger, the King of the Forest? How did the Crows use pebbles to “save” a farmer? Why does Little Zebra dislike its stripes?
I Love My Family 6
Little Crow’s Colourful Wings – Little Frog, Big City – Can I Have a Little Bite? – Little Squirrel Moves a Walnut
How did Little Crow’s wings become colourful? How exciting, Little Frog is on an adventure in the city! Food is more delicious when shared? What did Little Squirrel encounter while moving a large walnut home?
I Love Life 6

The Curious Seahorse – Polar and Penny- Big Blue Investigates – Grandma Learns New Things
Little Seahorse’s mother was not the one who gave birth to Little Seahorse? Impossible! When a polar bear and a penguin became pen pals… Who stole Mrs Sea Turtle’s beloved pearl necklace? Grandma Squirrel picks up new skills…
I Love Classics 6

The Imitator- The Grateful White Swan – The Tiger and the Dried Persimmon – The Wolf and Seven Little Goats
A musician in a band with no musical skills? The beautiful girl is not a human… A dried persimmon is more terrifying than a tiger? How Mother Goat outwits the big bad Wolf!

Now available on Open School Bag, Shopee, Lazada