Sing Chu Children Book Series2

Sing Chu Children’s Collection 2nd Series

Continuing our success with Sing Chu Children’s Collection Series 1 in 2015, we are proud to introduce Sing Chu Children’s Collection Series 2. Specially designed for the primary students in Singapore, the collection consists of four different themed story books, each book containing four short stories, and its content has been appraised by the educational specialists in the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL).

The stories are written by Chinese language teachers with practical classroom experience and adapted from the Chou Sing Chu Foundation’s educational repository.  All stories inspire children through interesting, imaginative and lively elements. Published by Chou Sing Chu Foundation, written by experienced Chinese teachers and illustrated by local and overseas artists, Sing Chu Children’s Collection Series 1 and 2 will be an entertaining read for children.

Reading, like education, is cumulative and requires time. Let reading inspire growth in the children’s minds – for every child’s heart is filled with the seeds of hope, waiting for the irrigation of knowledge. So, embark on the journey with your child to explore the exciting world of Chinese literature through the beauty of the Chinese language now!

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Experts’ Recommendation

“The language is suitable for primary school pupils’ psychological and cognitive development.”

—— Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL)

Highlights of the Collection

  • Engaging stories with rich content, lively illustrations and vivid words
  • Keywords with hanyu pinyin for easy reading
  • English explanations of keywords for easy understanding
  • Special messages to parents and teachers to share on moral values in the story and encourages teacher-student or parent-child interactions

Book’s Synopsis

ILoveLife2_COVER I Love Life 2 contains four stories – ‘Ten Fathers’, ‘True Friends’, ‘The Father, Son and a Donkey’ and ‘The Golden Touch’ – to remind children the importance of sharing and caring, the development of independent thinking, to be contented and count their blessings.
ILoveLearning2_COVER I Love to Learn 2 is made up of four stories with interesting characters – ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’, ‘Finding Mr. Giraffe’, ‘In Search of the New Disciple’ and ‘The Lion’s Seat’ – to teach children about the importance of thinking diligently when encountering problems, self-reflections and kicking bad habits away.
ILoveNature2_COVER I Love Nature 2 includes four stories – ‘The Mermaid’, ‘The Boy with Empty Pot’, ‘Greedy Pirate’ and ‘The Snowman’ – teaching young readers to be honest and helpful. The engaging nature stories encourage children to love and care for natural habitat and environment.
iLoveAnimals2 I Love Animals 2 contains four interesting stories about animals – ‘The Hen Stops Laying Eggs’, ‘The Envious Mouse’, ‘Fire Fighter Dog’ and ‘The Four Good Friends’ – teaching children the importance of knowledge and not to trust strangers easily, being courageous to help those in need and the value of team spirit and hard work.