As part of the Chinese picture book series, I Love Reading Collection 1 is specially designed for the lower primary pupils in Singapore, and its content has been appraised by the educational specialists in the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL). The stories are created by Chinese language teachers with practical classroom experience and adapted from the Chou Sing Chu Foundation’s educational repository. The collection adheres closely to the Singapore Chinese Language Primary Syllabus and the engaging stories are effectively pitched at the appropriate level, suitable for the intended readers with their rich content, lively illustrations and vivid words. Each story is accompanied by an explanation of the keywords in English and a note to parents to guide the young readers to read independently while encouraging parent-child interactions.

Reading, like education, is cumulative and requires time. Let reading inspire growth in the children’s minds – for every child’s heart is filled with the seeds of hope, waiting for the irrigation of knowledge. So, embark on the journey with your child to explore the exciting world of Chinese literature through the beauty of the Chinese language now!

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Experts’ Recommendation

“The language is suitable for lower primary school pupils’ psychological and cognitive development.”

—— Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL)

Book’s Synopsis

book_生活 I Love Life 1        ▼Lower Primary

I Love Life 1 contains four stories – ‘The Missing Ears‘, ‘The Selfish Mice‘, ‘Bubbles Saved the Day’ and ‘A Bouquet of Different Colours’ – that teach children the importance of team spirit and listening, as well as moral values like showing respect to teachers.

book_我家 I Love my Family 1        ▼Lower Primary

I Love My Family 1 contains four stories – ‘The Giant’s Garden’, ‘Buying Watermelon’, ‘Moving House’ and ‘The Proud Kettle’ – that enable children to experience the joy of sharing, thus inspiring them to uphold an attitude of industriousness, humility and endurance in life.

book_动物 I Love Animals 1        ▼Lower Primary

I Love Animals 1 contains four stories – ‘Mimi the Kitten’, ‘Not Fair! ’, ‘Save Me!’ and ‘Qi Qi’s Tailor Shop’ – that encourage children to treat animals with love and respect, develop the spirit of unity and discernment, and foster the habit of a healthy lifestyle from young.

book_运动 I Love to Exercise 1        ▼Lower Primary

I Love to Exercise 1 contains four stories – ‘The Race’, ‘Why Can’t We Swim?’, ‘Crossing the River’ and ‘The Idle King’ – that remind children of the importance of exercising, and encourage them to be courageous when faced with challenges in life; modest and self-confident yet not reckless.


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