At Home with Words Exhibition 2016

– Bilingual Exhibition of Chinese Words, Culture and Life

Just as the Tang dynasty poet Liu Yuxi lamented the loss of the magnificent residences of the nobles in his famous poem “Black Robe Lane”, the Si He Yuan that we see in front of us testifies to the lives of the people who used to live in this old building. We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery into the inner-world of Chinese characters through our house of words, and learn how the four themes of daily necessity – clothing, food, shelter, and mobility – are at the root of remarkable aspects of Chinese culture, including the artistic presentation of calligraphy and seal-carving, as well as the press-printing so crucial to the passing on and spreading of the Chinese culture.


The Elegant House of Words

We invite you to walk through our Si He Yuan of Chinese Words to ruminate the nexus between the words from our everyday life and the Chinese culture.

The Everyday

Words in Our Daily Life

Have you ever paid close attention to the Chinese words that are everywhere in our daily lives? Have you ever wondered about the cultural significance behind popular Chinese idioms like “We wish you wealth and success!”, “Joys and sorrows of life”, and “Food is of the utmost importance to the people”? Through the four necessities in everyday life of clothing, food, shelter, and mobility, “The Everyday” lets you discover the delightful qualities of Chinese words and the significance of Chinese culture. 

The Remarkable

Out-of-the-Ordinary Words

Living in this digital age, have you ever given thought to the difficult process of traditional typesetting in producing pages of printed words? “The Remarkable” brings the traditional letterpress back into the limelight, letting the visitors immerse themselves in the experience of transferring the words from the lead types to the paper and print their own well-wishes for their loved ones. In addition, there will be a live demonstration of the art of seal-carving and an introduction to the contemporary art of the typeface design.

Rhyme of the Ink

Grace and Charm Between the Lines

Calligraphy is an important aspect of Chinese word culture. “Rhyme of the Ink” showcases the masterpieces of renowned local calligraphers and the best submissions from the inaugural “Sing Chu National Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition”. Furthermore, you can pick up a brush to try your hand at calligraphy and experience the charm of calligraphy and the beauty of Chinese words by our specially built “Ink Pool”.

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Exhibition Guide 


Have Fun with Words Live!  

Writing has ordered from the pen to typing to modern touch screens, let us revisit the simple pleasures of calligraphy writing, words creation, seal-carving and the letterpress.
Discover the beauty of Chinese words and join us today for exclusive activities!

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