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    Since September 2015, Chou Sing Chu Foundation has been organising a series of Chinese storytelling sessions in public libraries around the island. Our aim is to enable children to learn Chinese through listening to interesting and engaging stories, and at the same time, ignite their imagination and instil good values.

    CSCF does Chinese storytelling at various locations such as libraries, schools and shopping malls. To date, the response has been overwhelming. Most of our storytellers are volunteers, and amongst them are student volunteers who have undergone training in storytelling for children.

    If you are a kids-lover and enjoys spending time to interact with them, volunteer with us!

    The scope of the volunteers includes:
    • Chinese Storytelling
    • Coordination of Chinese storytelling session on the day itself
    • Facilitating of activities
    • Interact with parents, teacher & children

    Aspired storytellers have to go through 3 hours training before doing storytelling.

    Volunteers whom have gone through training have to commit to at least 5 hours volunteer services to Chou Sing Chu Foundation.

    Volunteering criteria:
    • Speaks fluent Chinese
    • Mature and independent
    • Passion with kids
    • Ability to help on weekends/weekdays event
    • Ability to commit for a minimum of 1 year (at least one session per month, or minimum 5 sessions per year)
    • All Residents in Singapore

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