“I Remember Gallery” Exhibition: Guided Tour for Whitley Secondary School

  • Feb 03, 2016

  • Chou Sing Chu Foundation

  • Exhibition

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On the last day of the “I Remember Gallery” exhibition at Bishan Public Library on 3 February 2016, Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) played host to a group of Whitley Secondary School students, led by their Chinese teacher Madam Wan Sook Kheng, and brought them on a special guided tour of our exhibition.

The tour began with an introduction to the Foundation and our exhibition. There were plenty of gasps when the 16 Secondary One students learnt that fewer bookstores are still in operation nowadays compared to the peak of Singapore’s book trade between 1950s and 1970s when there were more than 230 bookstores.

The students were then divided into two teams and guided around the exhibition by a Chinese and an English editor from CSCF. Our editors shared details about the five giant maps that marked the locations of bookstores in various parts of Singapore, and the important events in the bookstore industry since the 1950s. The students also learnt more about the five major Chinese bookstores and the four major English bookstores in Singapore before the Second World War.

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Date: 3 February 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm

Location: Bishan Public Library

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