“irememberBookstores” Winning Entries

  • Jan 01, 2016

  • Chou Sing Chu Foundation

  • Competition

Since 2013, Chou Sing Chu Foundation, as the official partner of the National Library Board’s “Singapore Memory Project”, has embarked on a series of “irememberBookstores” memory collection campaigns to collect the public’s memories of the bookstores in Singapore.

The collection campaign has come to a successful conclusion and Chou Sing Chu Foundation would like to express our gratitude to the public for their overwhelming response.

We are honoured to be a part of this campaign and humbled by the massive number of submissions that every participant has taken the time to pen down in words.

Selecting the winners from all the submissions received proved to be a big challenge as every submission was a precious memory of our bookstores.

Nevertheless, Chou Sing Chu Foundation would like to congratulate the twelve winners for their best written memories.

“irememberBookstores” Winners
  1. Lee Lai Siem
  2. Christasya Austin Sentana
  3. Lim Wan Phing
  4. Koh Soo Hoon
  5. Diyana Zaidi
  6. Lee Li Ying
  7. Poh Choh
  8. Tng Yew Mei
  9. Chan Jhian Ian Derrick
  10. Chin Joong Fui
  11. David Hong Charn Seng
  12. Batchelor Charlene Diana
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