I Love Reading (Bound Edition 1 & 2)

Author: Chou Sing Chu Foundation | An An, Xiao Bi, ikkoku, Juan Jing

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Short Description

I Love Reading (Bound Edition 1 and 2) are formed by the combination of the 4 books from the I Love Reading Series 1 and 2 respectively, including a new Games Challenge section to enhance reading experience.

Suitable for Primary 1 – 2 students.

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Book Highlights

  • Engaging stories with rich content, lively illustrations and vivid words
  • Keywords with hanyu pinyin for easy reading
  • English explanations of keywords for easy understanding
  • Special messages to parents and teachers to share on moral values in the story and encourage teacher-student or parent-child interactions
  • New section: Games Challenge to enhance reading experience
  • New section: English electronic copy (Receipt verification required)


  • I Love Animals 1‘Mimi the Kitten’, ‘Not Fair!’, ‘Save Me!’ and ‘Qi Qi’s Tailor Shop’
  • I Love My Family 1‘The Giant’s Garden’, ‘Buying Watermelon’, ‘Moving House’ and ‘The Proud Kettle’
  • I Love to Exercise 1‘The Race’, ‘Why Can’t We Swim?’, ‘Crossing the River’ and ‘The Idle King’
  • I Love Life 1‘The Missing Ears’, ‘The Selfish Mice’, ‘Bubbles Saved the Day’ and ‘A Bouquet of Different Colours’

  • I Love Nature 2‘The Mermaid’, ‘The Boy with Empty Pot’, ‘Greedy Pirate’ and ‘The Snowman’
  • I Love to Learn 2 ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’, ‘Finding Mr. Giraffe’, ‘In Search of the New Disciple’ and ‘The Lion’s Seat’
  • I Love Life 2‘Ten Fathers’, ‘True Friends’, ‘The Father, Son and a Donkey’ and ‘The Golden Touch’
  • I Love Animals 2 ‘The Hen Stops Laying Eggs’, ‘The Envious Mouse’, ‘Fire Fighter Dog’ and ‘The Four Good Friends’
Year of Publication : 2021
NO. of Pages : 192

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