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Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) is a non-profit organisation striving to reignite the spark in the Chinese culture, education and language in Singapore. Join us on this exciting journey!…


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Who is Chou Sing Chu? Why is the Foundation named after him? Click the link and discover the rich history behind it! more

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本书编注者(周星衢基金),将二书内容重新编排与合并成“《马来散记》(新编注本)”一书出版,将原书繁体版切换成简体版,按文章主题分为六卷:“史话”、“方志”、“人物”、“风物”、“掌故”、“文艺”,添加多达近15万字的注释,提供背景知识,让65年后的当代华文读者,跨越时空语词的阻隔! more

I Love Party ~ Happy Children’s Day!

Celebrate Children’s Day with storytelling, games, colouring contest and attractive prizes. more

2019 Spring Festival Couplets Competition

2019 Spring Festival Couplets Competition is open for submission! more

Sing Chu Literature Lecture

Sing Chu Literature Lecture is back with Chapter 5: The Enchantment of Narrative" by author Mr. Jin Yucheng more

Sing Chu National Calligraphy Competition

3rd Sing Chu National Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2018 starts registration more

I Love Reading Collection 3

I Love Reading Collections are sets of Chinese illustrated books and the 1st series was launched in 2015. It has since received tremendous support fro more

Practising Your Way to an A★

This is the first guide book published under Sing Chu Education. Written specifically for all upper primary school students in Singapore to help... more

At Home with Words Roving Exhibition

We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery into the inner-world of Chinese characters through our roving exhibition “At Home With Words” more

Words Play Contest

The structure of every Chinese word carries meaning and significance. Select a card and unleash your creativity by forming words... more

2nd Sing Chu National Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2017

Discover the charm of the numbers through the art of words.
Cultivate your appreciation of the art of Chinese calligraphy and the Chinese language. more

Open Call for Children Book Illustrators

If you have a flair for creating and drawing characters, here is your chance to join us in illustrating children storybooks. more

Passage of Time

The memories of 50 bookstores across a span of 135 years. more

Sing Chu Children's Collection 2

Continuing our success with Sing Chu Children’s Collection Series 1 in 2015, we are proud to introduce Sing Chu Children’s Collection Series 2. more

Chinese Storytelling

Join us for fun-filled, interactive Chinese storytelling sessions! more

The Secret to Picking Good Chinese Books!

Our previous column (How Hard is Reading Chinese?) started off this series with an introduction on how to encourage your child to start reading Chines more

How Hard is Reading Chinese?

“How do we help our children improve their Chinese language proficiency?” Most parents would probably advise their children to read more Chinese books more

Sing Chu Literature Lectures

Literature belongs to all those who live and dream. more